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Digging deep to the very roots of storytelling and communication, I've served as a guest speaker for industry events, universities, and other events. I've led sessions on digital media, communications strategy, ethical travel, and the voluntourism industry. Got a speaking request? Let's connect!


Unpacking Sustainable Tourism
Panelist at Connecting Environmental Professionals

The Rise of Impact Travel
Speaker at Wanderful Toronto

Paving the Way to Ethical Travel & Responsible Volunteering
Speaker at the Women in Travel Summit

Systems Thinking for Social Change
Guest Speaker at DEEP Summer Engineering Academy
Communications Secret Sauce
Workshop Facilitator at Journalists for Human Rights

A Lunch & Learn on Ethical Travel
Guest Speaker at the Centre for Social Innovation

Plenary on Engaged Community Learning
Speaker at the University of Toronto


Panel on PR, Communications, and Social Media
Moderator at the University of Toronto

Learning without Borders: International Service Learning
Speaker at the University of Toronto

Networked Creators, Sociology and Technology
Guest Lecturer at the University of Toronto, SOC356

Victims and Vendors of Vacations in the South
Speaker at the University of Toronto's International Development Conference

A Crash Course on Ethical Travel
Guest Speaker at Seneca College, Tourism & Travel

Backpacking with a Purpose
Speaker at Pecha Kucha, Markham

Using Social Media to Spread Human Rights Awareness Workshop Facilitator at Social Media Week Toronto

Roots & Shoots: Digital Communications
Workshop Facilitator at the Jane Goodall Institute of Canada's Youth Leadership Council

Social Media and Contemporary Dance
Workshop Facilitator at the Chimera Project

Communications Summit
Panelist at the University of Toronto

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Non-Profits in Canada and Beyond
Panelist at TrinXChange