Thank you!

I celebrated my birthday just last week and this year, instead of asking for gifts, I asked family and friends to donate to Journalists for Human Rights. And guess what? Through a simple ask, we managed to raise $600 in less than two weeks...all of which will be going to fund our programs in the Democratic Republic of the Congo!

I honestly cannot think of a better gift than your support of an organization and a cause that means so much to me. I've been blown away by everyone's generosity and cannot thank you all enough for making this birthday so much more special.

Here's a short video to express my thanks and to show you where exactly your money is going :)

Salamat, merci, grazie, gracias, danke, bedankt, asante, meda ase, děkuji, thank you!

Birthday, birthday, birthday!

You guessed it! My birthday is coming up! And in addition to my yearly tradition of dancing my face and feet off to usher in another fabulous year of life, I've decided to give up my presents this year and instead, ask all my friends and family (that's you!) to donate to my favorite organization: Journalists for Human Rights. I've been working with this organization for the past two years now and have seen first-hand the incredible progress we, along with our partners, have made in improving human rights by using the power of the media. Watch my ask in the video below :)

Any donation - $5, $10, $15, $20 - will make a difference and I assure you, 100% of all the money raised for my birthday will go to our programs overseas. If you want more information about jhr and/or where your money is going, visit the website at or just give me a shout!

In advance, merci buckets for all of your contributions! You are giving the gift of human rights and that is worth more than anything you could possibly buy anywhere else. You are my heroes.



I've been watching videos and newscasts of the storm that's been raging back home in the Philippines and it is absolute insanity. Can't believe some of the things that I'm seeing and to think that I have family back home right in the thick of it. Grew up in the comforts of Canada so I have absolutely no idea what this feels like. So surreal...

Just praying that it all comes to an end soon and that loved ones back home are safe.

For all of you abroad who are looking to help, click here