Forever Young

Briefly back in Toronto. Can't believe that the past month has come and gone and I did all the things that I did. 3 countries, 11 cities in the past four weeks and countless of new friends made along the way. How do I even begin to put into words all that I've seen, done, and felt? I need to capture all those little moments that put me at my most vulnerable and, on the flip side, that made me feel like I was invincible. I don't want any of it to escape my memory.

It feels like a dream...just a couple of days ago I was wandering the graffiti-filled streets of Berlin, drinking bier while watching the sunrise on a rooftop...

 Without a wrinkle in today
Cuz there is no tomorrow
Just some picture perfect day
To last a whole lifetime

And it never ends
Cuz all we have to do is hit rewind
So lets just stay in the moment, smoke some weed,
Drink some wine,
Reminisce, talk some shit
Forever young is in your mind.