The Travel Bug

At around this time last year, I discovered the thrill of travel. For those of you who know me or for those of you who've been long time readers of this blog, you've certainly heard me talk about my kickass trip countless of times already. But for those of you who don't, let me give you a brief run down. Last year, I decided to go study abroad in Central Europe by myself with people I've never even met before in a country I knew almost nothing about. And let me tell you, it was hands down the single greatest, most exciting thing I've ever done! I won't say too much about it now as I've already written about it extensively here...

But anyway, there's been something in the air in the past few weeks that have been so strongly reminiscent of my time in Europe. I don't know...maybe it's just the change of season but there's this unshakeable feeling inside of me as all of these flashbacks from last year come rushing back. Walking the streets of Brno and stumbling upon that gem of a bookstore, sitting in Rudas Bath til 2AM practically high off fatigue, hiding underneath the Brandenburg Gate waiting for the rain to pass, hanging with random dudes with guitars on the streets of Krakow, getting rejected at the hottest club in Berlin (cuz we're classy like that), and just spending almost every night in the bar annexed to our residence (greatest student accomodations, ever).

Yep. I've been hit with the travel bug, my friends. And the only way I can possibly cure it is to get out there and, well, travel. So with that I'm off to Vienna, Austria tonight to embark on a new adventure and catch up with some friends.
It's funny because I actually started this blog to document my travels and adventures but when I got to the Czech Republic last year, I think I only blogged a whole two times. I got so caught up in the sights, the sounds, the smells, and the people that I just totally forgot about it. But this time around, I'll try to stay true to my word and actually write.

Catch you when I touch down in Vienna! Tschau Toronto!