Hello from Halifax!

At the Harbourfront. And why yes I do wear awesome hats! Thank you!

Brrrrrrr...it's bloody freezing over here in Atlantic Canada! Let me tell you, the second I walked out of the airport I was greeted instanteously by a frigid gust of wind that's been accompanying me everywhere I go. Funny thing is that according to everyone around here, the extreme cold only started since Thursday. How lucky I arrived just in time for what feels like -50 degree weather. Lovely! Ahhh, I've let my inner scrooge come out!

But seriously. With the exception of the frigid cold, it's nice out here...I've been exploring the downtown area and checking out some historical sites. It's cute and quaint and for those of you who have been or live around the Markham area, I liken it to an enlarged Unionville Main Street. And if you know me, you know I love that area...especially the adorable little boutiques with the adorable home-made merchandise and there are just tons of shops like those around here! Yesterday I found a really unique store selling all kinds of exotic jewellery, fabrics, and decor from all over Africa, India, Nepal, etc...and so um, that kind of made my day (but not so much my mum's credit card!). Oh and also found the greatest candy shop called Freak Lunchbox and have been stocking up on some goodies!!

So aside from shopping, I've also been eating to my heart's content! Been going nuts over the seafood over here. Lobster, scallops, shrimp, calamari, haddock, you name it! I could honestly get used to eating like this...Everywhere you turn there's a restaurant and I've decided that there are simply too little meals in a day to try them all out! Such a shame...I think I'm going to try squeezing in a mid-afternoon and midnight meal for the remainder of my stay here :) Heheh...

Anywho, I'm off to Peggy's Cove today and ready to face the cold once again! Check in with you all later!