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Want to work together? I've been working in the social impact space for nearly a decade where I've grown organizations from the ground up, connecting them with their audiences, honing and amplifying their message, and ultimately achieving their goals. More recently, I’ve been making a splash in the publishing industry as I work to amplify the voices that often go unheard in mainstream media. I'm always looking for new challenges and opportunities so check out my areas of expertise and get in touch!



Specializing in marketing and communications strategy, digital advertising, brand management, and community engagement, I've worked with various organizations to integrate tactics and campaigns to achieve their goals. Get in touch to learn how we can work together.

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WRITING & editorial

Whether it's a feature article or copy for an ad - or perhaps even publishing an entire magazine - my writing and editorial skills always hits the right tone, vibe, and style for whoever the target audience. My work has been featured in niche magazines, books, online publications, and national newspapers. Click here for sample pieces.



I've served as a guest speaker for various industry events, university lectures, conferences, and other events. I've led sessions on digital media, communications strategy, social innovation, ethical travel, and the voluntouism industry. Click here for a list of all my speaking engagements.