Soundtrack to a day, every day

What did people do before iPods or mp3 players? How did people survive the lulls of every day life without music to fill the gap?

I was sitting on the train from Dordrecht to Amsterdam today listening to my iPod and let me tell you, it is such a joy to listen to the perfect song that matches your exact mood at the very moment (it was one by Florence and the Machine in this case). Looking out the window seeing all sorts of landscapes. Watching the world quite literally pass before your eyes. Hills, plains, rivers, and homes. Being in transit with a song to celebrate where you've come from, where you're going, and the journey that lay in between...whether it's going from one city to another or something as simple as the commute from home to work. It's bliss being in the moment with a song to serve as your soundtrack.

Sometimes I stare out the window and step outside of my body for a short while. Watching this person watch the green pastures speed past her. I hear the music she's listening to and it's like I'm watching my favourite film about a young woman (someone I've gotten to know intimately) on the road to self-discovery. Don't quite know how the movie ends but hell, it's a sure great way to pass the time.

Murphy's Law

After 6 trains (one of which broke down, another of which was delayed), 2 missed connections, and some 14 or so hours of straight travel, I've finally made it to Bern, Switzerland. I've never been so exhausted before. Everything that could have possibly gone wrong today, went wrong. I only went from Italy and Switzerland and yet I feel like I've traveled throughout the entire continent of Europe twice.

I questioned my capacity and love for travel today...

...and then I saw the Alps.