A Weekend of (for) Good Fun

So the past month has been absolute madness on my end but this weekend, I took the time to kick back, relax, and have a few drinks in support of some really amazing causes.

On Thursday night, I joined hundreds of people at Tryst Nightclub for TwestivalTO (see entry below) where collectively we raised $20,000 in Toronto and nearly $350,000 globally for Concern Worldwide. Truly an amazing feat that I'm just so humbled to have played a small part in. I got to spend some QT with my fave tweeps and as usual, met some fantastic people. Only downside to the event? The music was pumping way too loud for me to have any real meaningful conversations with the people I met. Best part about it? I now have an excuse to catch up with them some time in the near future!

with @coleyeung @andrealiew @carinaaaaa and @aMAYzin

But I have to say, Friday's Night for Rights, Journalists for Human Rights' annual fundraising event was a whole different ball game. Now I realize my position in the organization may undermine my credibility here but really, I played almost no role in putting this whole night together. In fact, my volunteering gig at TwestivalTO was probably a more significant contribution than my role at Night for Rights. See? I'm keeping it real over here!

Having said that, I have to give kudos to Aileen Doyle who did an absolutely stellar job at orchestrating the entire evening. Let me just say that that night I was truly proud to be part of such an amazing team of people who work hard everyday to make this world a better place.

jhr interns

The night oozed with class and sophistication with a live jazz band, African drumming, and Garvia Bailey's wit. And of course, it marked the unveiling of our latest project, Make Media Matter, with a video that gets me giddy and excited every time I watch it (high 5 to Jon Wong on that!). With delicious food, unlimited drinks (took advantage of that open bar, yes I did!), kickass music, and a happening crowd, Night for Rights is mos def the party to boot!


with Strombo himself


on the dancefloor