Czech Republic

Ahoj kamarád!


bar belowmacocha abyssgroup shot


Dobry den! Greetings from Brno, Czech Republic!

Finally got the Internet connection in my room working yesterday and as you can see, I've finally found the time to give an update on the trip. It's been pretty kickass so far. Nothing but cheap beer, good people, and gorgeous weather out here! Except we had our first class today and I realized that I, unfortunately, actually have to study out's gonna be a serious struggle focusing! But's what I've been up to the past few days...

Left on a jet plane on Saturday and headed over to London. Met the people in the program at the airport and got to know each other on our 6-7 hour flight. Then from London to Vienna where ladeedah, I met mother dear at the airport's baggage claim area. You know how we do, just randomly meet up in Vienna whenever. ;) Anyway, from Vienna, took a bus down to Brno!

Got to Brno, checked into our residence, met up with my roomie, Martyna, who you see above! We have the most gorgeous view from our balcony! I love it! The air is better here and I swear the birds sing better too.  It's absolutely gorgeous.  We had our welcome dinner that night too and quickly got our education on how to order beer, an absolute must when you're here in Brno--pivo, proseem (beer, please) !

On Monday, we had a tour Masaryk University and downtown Brno. Had dinner outside in the perfect weather, sipped on some lattes, and had (my staple so far) ice cream (zmrzlina!). In the evening, we went to some super sketch laundromat in Gypsy town. I know what you're thinking...why the hell did we go to a laundromat on our second night in Brno? Okay so let me explain...down here in Brno, they apparently like to combine their facilities/services. Soooo not only was the place (Clubwash) a laundromat, it was also a bar/movie place/pool/poker place. Yeah, again, sketch!

Tuesday -- went to Macocha Abyss, which is a cave down here. Took like a 4 km hike, which no one was prepared for considering we hardly slept the night before! Ummm can't say much about that cuz I'm not exactly a nature person. Can't be swooning over some stalagmites and stalactites. It was excruciating exhausting walking up those hills! Martyna and I had practically 3 hrs of sleep the night we were ready to collapse. After the caves, visited the Cerna Hora brewery...saw how they made the beer and taste-tested a bunch of the different kinds. I'm telling you, it's all about the pivo down here! Hung out at the bar next to our if you're looking for anyone, basically go to the bar next door and they're probably there. Mmm I think that'll be the spot for the next 5 weeks, no?

Wednesday-- first day of class today, everyone was practically falling asleep. Um not much to report about there. Went to Tesco, which is like the Wal-Mart equivalent, apparently. Also went grocery shopping...seriously hating the fact that I can't cook for the life of me. Life would be so much easier! Hmmm, never thought I'd be saying those words. Weather was gorge again today...its all sun and blue skies over here!

Anywho, I'm off to meet up with some friends in a bit. Toodloo!