In transit

I've been on the road traveling around Europe for exactly a week now and it still feels surreal that I'm doing this. My travel buddy Sylwia and I have been planning this trip for two years now. We first went to Europe as part of a summer abroad program in the Czech Republic and during that time we had a free weekend and decided to go to Berlin. Naturally, we fell in love with the city and promised ourselves we'd come back as soon as we finished our undergrad.

I finished my last exam just a little over a month ago and here I am...currently in Siena as I write this and soon to be making my way back to Berlin.

We'll be in and out of different cities and countries for the next month or so, which means I likely won't be able to write as often as I'd like to. In the meantime, we'll be vlogging our travels and I hope you'll join us on our journey! Below is our first video ever but you can watch the rest at Please excuse our ridiculousness : )



For more of our travel vlogs, check out our YouTube channel - findingpangaea