Guest Blogging Stint over at Ben's Blog - Social Media for Non-Profits

The potential of social media couldn't be any greater and more valuable than for the non-profit sector, where resources are often scarce and funding is hard to come by. So the question that plagues the minds of thought leaders in the field is “how can we tap into and harness the power of this so-called ’social media’ to help create a real, meaningful, and lasting difference”? It’s a formula that no one has quite yet perfected and one that will undoubtedly take much time to figure out.

Working at Journalists for Human Rights for a few months now, I really feel like we've made real inroads in developing a multifaceted and always evolving social media strategy. Read about the lessons I've learned while treading the unsteady waters of this new phenomenon here on Ben Peterson's non-profit management blog.